Safety. It’s become a bit of a buzzword in the social justice community. While the Right mocks safe spaces and snowflakes, the Left is busy carving out corners of insulated thought that are considered emotionally “safe.” Don’t get me wrong, both creating community with like-minded people and caring about feelings are great. And honestly, when…… Continue reading

Menstrual cups like the Diva Cup and Moon cup are becoming increasingly popular alternatives to pads and tampons during the menstrual cycle. At this point, I’m too far on the inside to barely even remember that some people think this is gross. (You’re gross.) I vaguely remember once upon a time when the topic kind…… Continue reading

You won’t get far into any conversation on women’s health without getting into hormonal birth control. That’s because it has become the most popular form of birth control, with 11 million US women on the pill as of 2012. We’re told that birth control is a hard-won prize of the early feminists, and really, how…… Continue reading

Why, since I spend so much of my time talking about emotional well-being, do I inwardly cringe at the approach of things like “Mental Illness Awareness Week” and “World Mental Health Day”? Because I’m mentally preparing myself for the onslaught of societally-approved messages about human suffering, messages ranging from the ill-informed to the downright dangerous.…… Continue reading

I see you there, drowning in invisible water. Some people are drowning in real water, you think. Water you can see. And so you sink into the endless question of how you could be so stuck with nothing holding you back. From the outside looking in, you’re cowered in the middle of some limitless expanse.…… Continue reading