About The Nerdy Herbalist

Maybe you’re wondering what The Nerdy Herbalist is all about. Herbs, obviously. Some hippie shit, maybe.

But the real purpose of this blog is to share a whole new way of looking at our health. A way that’s 100% science-based, can help us finally start feeling better, and just makes plain good sense.

We’re so used to depending on a system of medicine that separates the systems of our body that it almost feels natural. Have stomach issues? You go to the GI doc. Skin problems? Dermatologist. Mood swings? Psych doc. Seems like a pretty efficient way to do healthcare.

It might be, if it didn’t actively work against the  way our bodies function. Research has uncovered that all of our body’s systems are interconnected, making it a little absurd for the doc who looks at your skin to never think about your stomach, and vice versa.

We see prescriptions thrown at our symptoms, no one ever taking the time to stop and ask “Why is this happening?” And unfortunately, we see a healthcare system that isn’t willing to change.

When we embark on a kind of healthcare that works with how our bodies work, we can start finding and dealing with the root causes of our unpleasant symptoms. We can focus on ourselves and bodies as individuals, instead of resorting to cookie-cutter solutions. We can start getting better.

Our bodies have an awesome healing ability that allows them to return to their happy state of normal – but they’ll never get the chance without a little knowledgeable help. That means you asking big questions about your own health, and finding helpers who will work with you along the way.

That’s what we’re all about here at The Nerdy Herbalist, so I invite you to take a look around. From root causes to herbs to basic biology, we dig it all.