About Me

And that’s my hubby Rob, who gets to know more about all this than he ever wanted to.

Hey guys! It’s me, Kalina, the nerdy herbalist. Confession time: I’m kind of a hippie and I absolutely love the natural health movement. And chocolate, let’s not forget the chocolate (it’s a health food, right?)

But to be honest, I love studying the ins-and-outs of the human body just as much. Seriously, get your nerdy glasses out. With a background in academic research, I’m all about   digging deep to figure out the truth of the situation.

I practice evidence-based herbalism that gets to the root of health problems instead of just addressing symptoms, and I’m passionate about  breaking down the science simply.

When I’m not hitting the books, you can find me hanging out in a        local cafe or curled up with a YA paranormal romance. We all have our guilty pleasures! I hope you’ll grab a cup of tea, take a look around, and give me a shout if you feel like it. We’re all nerdy here. 😉transparent signature.png