With Memorial day weekend upon us, we’re entering into the season of cookouts. From hot dogs to macaroni salad to that weird Jell-o salad of Grandma Mary’s with who-knows-what in it, these summertime gatherings can make us feel like we’ve been teleported straight back to the days when we habitually ate macaroni out of a…… Continue reading

In case you’ve somehow missed the fad, CBD has kind of blown up lately. Tons of people are raving about this substance called cannabidiol that comes from the hemp plant, all while the FDA tries to figure out how in the world something that sounds so much like “cannabis” has managed to slip past them.…… Continue reading

Almost as long as I can remember, I’ve experienced moods that felt significant. Just what that meant depended on the day, ranging from feeling life more deeply than I could possibly describe to experiencing seemingly unending despair. It seemed obvious that not all the amplified moods were bad because some of them felt almost, well,…… Continue reading

Social media can be great, but who couldn’t have imagined some downsides to being in constant communication with our friends and those random people who somehow ended up on our friends lists? The internet debate, for instance. Sometimes it feels like every comments section is a ticking time bomb just waiting for its chance to…… Continue reading

Note: With the exception of therapy, traditional psychiatric care isn’t typically my top recommendation for someone struggling with mental health issues. That said, I know quite a bit about various mental health professionals and their educations. Since there’s so much confusion about this, I decided to create a handy guide for anyone trying to figure…… Continue reading

I struggle with mental health issues. Card-carrying, diagnosably legit issues. This is a frustrating but large part of my life, so you can bet that I’ve spent years looking for answers and explanations. And in that long and unending search for answers, I’ve journeyed through the most common answers our society offers, some conventional and…… Continue reading