Note: With the exception of therapy, traditional psychiatric care isn’t typically my top recommendation for someone struggling with mental health issues. That said, I know quite a bit about various mental health professionals and their educations. Since there’s so much confusion about this, I decided to create a handy guide for anyone trying to figure…… Continue reading

I struggle with mental health issues. Card-carrying, diagnosably legit issues. This is a frustrating but large part of my life, so you can bet that I’ve spent years looking for answers and explanations. And in that long and unending search for answers, I’ve journeyed through the most common answers our society offers, some conventional and…… Continue reading

There’s no denying that those of us who prefer a holistic perspective of healthcare tend to be all up into herbs. And there are all kinds of outside opinions about just why that is. Those damn hippies and their herbs, eh? But the truth is there’s more to the love of herbs than some dogmatic…… Continue reading

It’s that pumpkin spice time of year, and I have to admit I get about as excited about it as the next fall-obsessed girl. Who can really say why we get such unreasonable pleasure from orange drinks sprinkled with cinnamon and nutmeg? Who can say what leads us to partake before it even remotely feels like fall? I admit it; it was 90 degrees out when I had my first. Or if pumpkin flavored yogurt could actually be good? (I haven’t brought myself to try it yet.)

I’ve spent years learning exactly why myself, my family, and my friends can go to countless doctors with symptoms, and walk away with no answers.  Whether we’re told nothing is wrong when we know we feel like crap, or dismissively written a prescription that doesn’t seem to fix the problem, it’s frustrating. But what’s most…… Continue reading