Work With Me


You’re constantly struggling with symptoms that make you feel like crap. Pain, low energy, lousy mood…the list goes on. You want answers, but all you get is a prescription that doesn’t seem to be helping or, worse yet, a dismissive reassurance that everything’s fine.

You know your body, and you don’t feel fine.

It’s time you stop being dismissed by a medical system that doesn’t care why you feel like this. It’s time you got answers.

I work with individuals like you who want to feel good, finally. I believe that your voice should be the most important in your healthcare and that we can expect more than we’ve been led to believe.

Through an initial intake session, we’ll dive into your background and how your symptoms show up in your everyday life. Together, we’ll create a science-based plan customized just for you, to start healing your body from the inside-out from Day 1.

We’ll use our most powerful tools: the food we eat, our lifestyle, and – of course – herbs! Medicinal herbs are our powerful ally on our journey to health, but there’s more to herbalism than some believe. Believe it or not, there’s a whole body of scientific research on different herbs and just what they do and don’t do.

I’ll work with you to find a combination of plant medicines that will work best for you on your own personal journey, and you’ll receive specific dosage information to make sure you’re getting just the right amount: enough to help you heal, but not so much as to be unsafe or cause unpleasant side effects.

You’ll start with a 90-minute intake session, and will then be able to schedule 50-minute sessions regularly or as-needed.

90-minute Starter Session – $75

50-minute Session – $49

Or bundle your 90-minute intake session and 1 follow-up session by purchasing together for just $99.

If you’re intrigued, ready to feel your best, and want to learn more, click here to schedule a 15-minute call with me. No obligations, just talking about what it would be like to work together to see if we’re a good fit.